Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Part To

Driving in Norway is way different from the states.

First off, all the speed limits are slow as shit. I think the fastest I've gotten to jam so far is 80kph, which is 49mph. Due to having one of the most sophisticated infrastructures in the world, the police incorporate automated radars and 'distance over time' trackers to send you a ticket in the mail when you do not adhere strictly to the limit. Worse yet, if you get pulled over, you get breathalyzed and have to pay your speeding fine right then and there. Imagine making sure you have a couple hundred bucks on you before running to 7eleven for a gallon of milk... just in case you space out and bust the limit.

Thats another thing: Drunk driving. Norway has a 'No Tolerance' approach to DWI. The legal limit here is 0.01. What? That's almost nothing. It has me wary to gargle Listerine, or pop a Halls effervescent tablet before jumping in the driver's seat for christsake. Hell, I believe if you even look at a can of beer your blood alcohol level rises to 0.01.

Therefore, another way of combating road ponies here is making alcohol the most expensive thing on the planet. See (below) how far fifty bucks of booze got me, in a liquor store no less.
But being the true American I am, I had to push the limits. Here's a video of me driving one handed, on winding narrow back roads, with no seat belt, and a camera in my other hand.


Naturally, every time you hit a hairpin, there's a car:

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