Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Part En

I promised a few of my friends some of my famous updates from the Fatherland, and the rest of you are included due to the convenience of modern technology; so tough luck. Anyway I'm late with the play by play because I forgot to pack a EU>US power cord adapter and my computer went flat. I then borrowed an ancient adapter from one of the many, many cousins I have here and didn't bother to read the warning label and started a small international fire. Anywho, I'm back on line (online) and ready to fill your eyeballs with (hopefully) lots of traveling monologues and crap.

This being the first of the bunch, I'll keep it short. Below is a then and now of what I see every morning when I wake up. This is the family village:

Now see the big white house with five windows on one side? That's where my grandfather was born. The house is so old (119+) that you open that shit with an oldeschool skeleton key a la Super Mario World. You fish for mackerel in the fjord and run up stone steps and fry it up. One of my cousins has in-laws from Switzerland staying there now, so I have to run a bit farther to the frying pan. Also, the definition of a fjord is as follows:

er i internasjonalt fagspråk forklart som ei dyp, smal og langstrakt hav- eller innsjørenne med bratt land på tre kanter.


Fjord: a long, narrow, deep inlet of the sea between steep slopes, typically caused by glacial erosion.

PS... And enough already with the old joke about being careful to not hook up with one of my cousins. Am I really that depraved?

(Really though, am I? I'm asking you here.)

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