Saturday, August 8, 2009

Part Fem

Ok, so before I write anything further, almost every house in the village has a working lavatory. The cottage I stayed in had a flushing toilet, even though you had to let it chill for ten minutes between discharges. That being said, if the house my grandfather was born in dates from 1890, so does this shit house. That's a century of feces! Let's venture inside shall we?
Ooooh! I like what they did with the place, quite cozy-- besides the strong smack of poo. That painting of a Spanish bomb is very tantalizing. But why are there two evac holes? I know that the cottage that this outhouse is next to used to be a mill, but... ohhh, I guess back in the days of having more then seven kids, there'd be many points in their lives when two or three would have to dunk at the same time. Weird. I've never deffed right next to someone without a door and a divider before. I wonder what the conversation would be like.


  1. that painting is amazing! bring it to nyc for me!
    also why are they 0 pictures of you on your blog!?

  2. what you talkin bout. there's one of me naked.

  3. We have one with THREE HOLES!!! BOOYA! take that norway... we pimped it out for my cousins wedding.. mirror and antibacterial liquid :)